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  Invisible Enemy Faye Hueston  
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Thank you so very much for the book, Silent Enemy. I enjoyed the information very much. Today as I send this note to you, I am mailing the book on to someone I hope who will enjoy it as much as I did. I suffer from an autoimmune disorder (Ankylosing Spondylitis) and struggle with trying to change my diet...I need to read more books like this to help motivate me! Again, my thanks for sharing this book & information!

G. Hughes

Hello Faye!

I only caught the last few minutes of your interview on coast to coast this morning, but heard you mention Dr. Gersen.  My grandfather was stricken with a debilitating case of rheumatoid arthritis when he was in his early 40s and sought treatment with Dr. Gersen.  (He was born in 1898 and emigrated to the US in the 1920s.) This was before juicers and my grandmother would squeeze
fresh juices through cheesecloth for his detox process!  My grandfather lived to be 97 years old and is featured in Dr. Gersen's case studies.  He also spoke at some seminars that Charlotte Gersen held.  It warmed my heart to hear your story and your faith in the Gersen diet!  I myself have not
adopted the Gersen diet, but think of it often and know that if I am ever struck down, it's the first treatment I would seek!

Thank you for your time!

Hi Faye,

Your website was forwarded to me by my Yoga teacher who knows I had been affected by environmental illness in 2001.  I just want to thank you for sharing your story with others as I too was told it was psychosomatic, stress, or that I would just "have to live with it."  Unfortunately, it
was killing me slowly (I was exposed to toxic mold and had to travel 1.5 hours away to see a dr. specializing in environmental medicine who was able to give me an accurate diagnosis and then treatment (mostly naturopathic). I completely understand the fear and frustration of experiencing declining
health without any apparent reason --- and all at a younger age when my vitality should have been greatest.  It has been quite a journey of understanding the process, accepting what has transpired, and learning to manage the residual effects (chronic fatigue, multiple chemical sensitivities, sleep disorder, etc.) so that I can do at least some of what I have enjoyed.  Please do keep getting the message out.  Big business and drug companies are killing us for their profits.  Not only had my life been ripped out from under me, I am still in court battle nearly a decade later in attempting to recoup my medical costs (that the judge awarded in my favor).  More people need to realize the devastating effects resulting from our initial abuse of the environment, and big businesses' interests in keeping us ill so we will continue to take their expensive pharmaceuticals. Kudos to you for your time and efforts in getting the word out.

May you continue to be well.
Robyn K.

Hi Faye-

Heard you the other night on C2C; you were sooo great!! I am sure your insight and information will be of benefit to many, many people! I was in a similar pursuit of information for the severe Hashimoto\'s I have been struggling with for ten years so I could empathize so much with you. I have seen improvement since I found my great naturopath (Dr. Brett Jacques) and yet, am so sad so many suffer for lack of knowledge (you said the same to Ian). It brings such havoc to people\'s lives and there is so little accurate data to help people. It took 8 years and as many doctors to get me to someone who FINALLY confirmed I wasn\'t imagining my hellish symptoms and that feeling suicidal out of feeling so horrible for so long was part of the whole issue. He is a God-send and so are you.

God bless you always and thanks for all you do & are-
Carolyn H.

Hello Faye,

I was lucky to catch your appearance on Coast to Coast AM, which I love.


Listening to the show, I was flabbergasted by the symptoms you mentioned you had some years ago and how environmental issues caused them.

For about 4 years I've had a sudden string of similar symptoms that made my life intolerable.  While I seem to have it under control, the slightest thing may trigger it.  The doctors claim it is allergy related and medicated me with heavy allergy medicine.  I hated the feeling, and it didn't seem to help. 

I tend to know the triggers now (they seemed to have no correlation until I heard you on C2C)....and I'm convinced that my blood was tainted by a horrible apartment I lived in some years back with a high level of toxic mould (the landlord condemned it after I left!!!)

Anyhow, I don't want to go on about my story.  Suffice it to say that it was nice to hear someone who conquered this and I'll be picking up your book.

THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart.  I'm not crazy afterall!

Jamie D.

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